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Livestock Awards Presentation

~ 9:00 am~
Youth Livestock Auction

Come be part of the Tradition!

Baker County Fair ~ Halfway
Jr. Livestock Auction
What makes the Jr. Livestock
Auction Special ?

The young people involved have a goal to produce the highest quality food for your table. Achieving this goal takes a great deal of time & responsibility. Engaging in financial obligations and learning how to manage their own business operations only
scratches the surface of the educational benefits. On a small scale as individuals, however, their costs are higher than commercial producers. 


When you purchase an animal at the Junior Livestock Auction, you are buying prize
winning livestock raised by the youth of our county. It also brings you the highest quality beef, pork, lamb, poultry, goat and rabbit for your dining pleasure.

How the Auction Works ~ Bidding

You will be provided a sales catalog that lists all of the animals along with their weights and owners. As each animal is led into the ring, the auctioneer asks for bids in cents per pound. The bidding continues until the high bid is reached, with the animal going to the highest bidder. If you want help in the bidding, there are official
Auction Committee members who will be glad to assist you. Remember, whether you buy or not, your bidding helps to increase the sale price of the animal.

How You Can Use an Animal

Individual Buyers
• Store in your freezer for a year’s supply of top quality meat.
• Give portions of the meat as special gifts to friends and relatives.
• Donate the animal to a favorite charity or organization.
• If a whole animal is too much for you, split it with a friend.
Service Clubs, Lodges, Unions
• Put on a club BBQ for social or fund raising purposes.
• Donate the animal to needy people in your community.
• Hold a club “meat auction” to build the treasury.
Business Firms
• Give packaged meat to friends. Use meat parcels and premiums for incentive programs.
• Hold BBQ for employees.
• Auction off packaged meat to build employees’ fund.
• Resell animal and amount over market may be an IRS
deduction. Check with your accountant to determine if you are eligible.
Restaurants and Markets
• Advertise that you serve Blue Ribbon meats.
• Display a Blue Ribbon on your menu and elsewhere.
• Publicize Baker County Fair quality meat in campaign
What to Do After You Buy

Fill out all the information on the buyers slip. Be sure to select from one of the following alterna-tives:
• You may consign it for processing, then taken to a frozen locker food plant for cutting, wrapping and freezing.
• You may consign it as a resale directly to a commercial packer at floor price if you do not wish to keep the animal for personal
use. Your cost is the difference between the floor price and the bid price.
• You may pick your animal up live.

How to Pay for Your Animal

Please pay for your purchase before leaving the sale. If it is impossible to pay the day of sale, you need to make arrangements prior to the auction. Jr. Livestock members don’t receive their checks until we receive yours.

New Auction Times !!!
We need you there to be part of the excitement!!!

Baker County Fair-Halfway Livestock Auction
Krischele Whitnah 541-519-2561
P.O. Box 361
Richland, OR 97870