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Friday, September 4, 2020

3:30-7:30 PM - Grounds & Exhibit Hall open to receive exhibits

5:00-8:00 PM - Livestock weigh-in and registration at Hell's Canyon Arena

Saturday, September 5, 2020

7:00-10:00 AM - Safeway Sponsored Fair & Rodeo Breakfast                                                               FREE  TO ALL! 

7:30-10:00 AM - Exhibit Hall accepting exhibits

8:00 AM - Exhibitor Meeting in the Pavilion

8:15 AM - Ring 1:  Swine conformation followed by sheep conformation (no                 sooner than 11:30 am), followed by beef conformation (no sooner                 than 1:30 pm)

                Ring 2: dairy cattle/goat conformation followed by showmanship

10:00 AM - Team Roping Jackpot (Ride In)

10:00 AM to 3:00 PM - Exhibit Hall Closed for Judging 

1:00 PM - Baker County Fair Court registration@ ticket office for info call                           Melody 541-540-4133 

PM - Pie Auction

3:00-7:00 PM - Exhibit Hall Open

5:00 PM Team Pack Horse Race ~ All the exciting action will be in the the             Rodeo Arena!`For Information call - Sarah Melchoir - 541-228-7803 -              sarahmelchior14@gmail.com or Rob & Chris Stacey - 541-540-2256

6:30 PM - Pre-Rodeo Events (Mutton Bustin)

7:00 PM - ICA & Pro West ~ Panhandle Rodeo
                Mule Races during the Rodeo 

9:00 PM -  Dance at Pine Valley Grange Hall on fairgrounds
                  (music by DJ Colleen)

Sunday, September 6, 2020 

7:00-10:00 AM - Rodeo Breakfast- Lions Hall 

8:00 AM - 6:00 PM - Exhibit Hall Open 

8:00 AM - Cowboy Church in the Midway and Exhibitor Meeting in the Pavilion

8:15 AM - Ring 1: Swine showmanship classes, followed by sheep showmanship (no sooner than                 11:30 AM), followed by beef showmanship (no sooner than 1:30 PM)

                Ring 2: Small animal (rabbit, poultry, and cavy) conformation & showmanship

11:00 AM - Queen tryouts for Baker County Fair & Rodeo

3:30-6:00 PM  - Armed N' Hammered, Darrel Bigelow & Zack Roberts to preform on the Midway                         Stage

5:00 PM - Grand Champion Round Robin Showmanship in Pavilion will follow the Livestock                 Showmanship-We will need to be done in time for the rodeo.

6:30 PM - Pre-Rodeo Events (Mutton Bustin) 

7:00 PM - ICA & Pro West ~ Panhandle Rodeo 
               Mule Races during the Rodeo 

9:00 PM - Dance at Pine Valley Grange Hall on Fairgrounds

Monday, September 7, 2020

7:00-10:00 AM - Let'R Buck Breakfast- Lions Hall in uptown Halfway

8:00 AM- 4:30 PM  - Exhibit Hall Open 

8:00 AM  Coffee & Donuts for Livestock Auction Buyers

8:30 AM - Livestock Awards Presentation 

9:00 AM - Jr. Livestock Auction Everyone Welcome  (Livestock bidders please go to the JR Auction page for bidder signup)

11:00 AM - Parade Line Up at Halfway Elementary School 

12:00 PM - Fair Parade down Main Street

1:30 PM - Pre-Rodeo Events (Mutton Bustin)

2:00 PM - ICA & Pro West ~ Panhandle Rodeo Mule Races during the Rodeo

2:00-4:30 PM - Exhibit Hall exhibits must be picked up

3:00-4:30 PM - Livestock pens cleaned and exhibits may be removed 

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At the July 14th Pine Valley Fair Association monthly meeting, extensive discussion was directed to the upcoming annual Baker County Fair and Rodeo held in Halfway.

In light of current government policies regarding the COVID-19 situation, it was determined with heavy hearts, that the 99th annual rodeo, normally held on Labor Day weekend, will not be held this year.

The Association is therefore turning their attention to the 100th anniversary of the rodeo in 2021.

The Association is grateful to all the sponsors and supporters and look forward to seeing everyone next year. Grand things will be awaiting you at the landmark 100th celebration of our way of life, riding wild horses, roping cattle, and witnessing the endurance of our children as they show us their determination to live off the land.