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Livestock Superintendent
Krischele Whitnah
Richland, OR 97870



1) All animals (market and breeding) must be entered by July 8 ONLINE

Include with the online entry ; a photo of each market animal clearly showing the tag number. Entries must be registered on or before July 8. 

2) Market animals may by shown by living full time in Baker County or the immediate North Powder area. Each exhibitor may enter one animal per lot, except small animals. See that Division.

3) Market animals must be tagged with your tag and tag numbers must be entered on the entry form in the appropriate space. We use the honor system when tagging because we believe in the integrity of the families in Baker County. Scrapie tags are mandatory in sheep and goats. You may use the last four digits on your scrapie tag as your number.  

4)  At the time of weigh-in, steer owners must provide the following: (1) ownership E-slip, (2) transportation slip, (3) prohibited feed affidavit.  Steers without complete paperwork will not be weighed and must leave the grounds.

5)  All leased animals must have a signed lease by July 8. A copy must be turned in at weigh-in. 

6)  Weight limits are:
      Steers - 1,050 lbs. min, born after Jan 1 previous year, maximum payable weight is 1400 lbs.
      Lambs - 110 lbs.  min,  160 lbs. maximum payable weight
      Hogs - 220 lbs. min,   290 lbs. maximum payable weight
      Goats - 70 lbs. min,   120 lbs. maximum payable weight
      Rabbits - 4-6 lbs. each, sold in pens of three
      Broiler Chickens - 3-6 months old, pens of three
      Fryer Chickens - under 3 months old, pens of three
      Turkeys - 20 lb. min,   30 lb. maximum payable weight  

      Animals of any species that are under weight or receive a white ribbon in their market class will not sell. 
     Animals that are overweight will only receive payment for the maximum weight allowed within their species.     

7)  All animals will weigh-in between 5 pm and 8 pm on Friday. Registration will be Friday from 5 pm to 8 pm. Animals not registered by 8 pm will not show. You are welcome to bring animals earlier Friday afternoon, but weigh-in will not start before 5 pm.

8)  All livestock entered for exhibition must be gentle and broke to lead. Please do not bring any animal that may be a risk of hurting someone. Judges and superintendents have the right to send wild animals home.

9)   Superintendents have the right to send home any livestock that exhibits signs of disease or sickness, sheep showing signs of prolapse. All disputes will be settled by calling in a veterinarian at owner's expense. No animal(s) may be removed from the livestock building without a veterinarians instructions/orders or emergency circumstances.    

10)  Animals must be bedded down in a clean pen and fed and watered appropriately at all times. 

11)  All animals must be clean and clipped. Sheep must be slick shorn. Slick shorn means being shorn no more than four days before showing.

12) Premium points are paid on all breeding classes. Number of entries are limited to one entry per exhibitor, per lot. No premium points for market animals.

13) Place points are not paid premium points, but count toward High Point awards. Grand champion, reserve grand champion, champion, and reserve champion placings do not count toward High-Point awards. 

Point system for All Around awards:
1st = 6 pts
2nd = 5 pts
3rd = 4 pts
4th = 3 pts
5th = 2 pts
6th = 1 pt

14)  Classes and lots will be determined and/or combined by Superintendent only.

15)  Showmanship animals must be owned by the exhibitor. Younger exhibitors may show animals owned by immediate family member. You must  show in showmanship to sell your animal. 

16)  A 4 % commission will be deducted from your check. Steers will be charged a $50 shipping fee. Checks will be mailed out as soon as the money is collected!  Usually not before Thanksgiving.

17)  Stall/Pen and tack area must be cleaned and exhibitor must be checked out by species superintendents before you leave Monday. Sheep pens need to be cleaned within one hour after sale is over. If pens are not clean a $25 fine will be withheld from your check. Breeding exhibitors will be billed.

18)  Camping-
       Family camping in the field next to the pavilion will be available as a courtesy to our fair! Please be respectful of the need for younger exhibitors to sleep and turn your noise and generators off by 9 pm.  Camping fee is $5 per night, $15 for the weekend. Payable when you register (don't send checks this year.)  A family unit is immediate family only. Campers are responsible for picking up all garbage from the field, throughout the pavilion, and beyond all four days. Also, please keep the bathrooms clean.

    Please keep your dogs in camp, not the pavilion. Leave extra horses home....of course you may bring your horse if you are entered in the rodeo but, the horse must be kept on the rodeo side of grounds.The pavilion will be locked from 10 pm until 6 am with security in the building.

Livestock Barn Floral/Garden Arrangement Competition - Division K
This is a new competition in the pavilion. Check in your arrangements Friday between 5:00 PM and 8:00 PM at the pavilion. The arrangements will be placed in the pavilion to complement livestock displays. Judges choice in each lot will win a special prize. Extra points will be awarded for arrangements that incorporate the fair theme. All arrangements are submitted at your own risk, show does not guarantee return in same condition. We will do our best, but they will be placed in a large arena with large animals and small children...hence, no guarantee. That said, come show off your flowers/plants before the end of the growing season! Arrangements may be picked up Monday afternoon at the conclusion of the show.

​Lot 1 - Roll out the Barrow...Best wheelbarrow planter design/arrangement wins!

​Lot 2 - You can only milk a cow so long...Best milk can planter design/arrangement wins!

Note new deadline date as we have extended it!!!

Deadline is July 8 for Market Animals and Breeding Stock registration!

Click the link below as you will now be doing entries online. Instructions are provided below also.

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If you have problems please provide a detailed email to me. Thank you for your patience.